What is Kust 2017/2018 Jamb Cut-off Mark?

The official Jamb cut-off mark for Kust 2017/2018 admission session is provided below. Note that only candidates who met the cut-off mark for their department and chose Kust as their first choice are invited to partake in the screening exercise. For more information about the screening exercise, go to http://bit.ly/2w0iV6T.

1. Agriculture (Hons) 150 and above
2. Tech. (Hons) Food Science & Technology 150 and above
3. Sc (Hons) Computer Science 190 and above
4. Sc (Hons) Mathematics 150 and above
5. Sc (Hons) Statistics 150 and above
6. Sc (Hons) Architecture 190 and above
7. Sc (Hons) Geography 150 and above
8. Sc (Hons) Geology 150 and above
9. Tech. (Hons) Urban & Regional Planning 150 and above
10. Eng. Civil Engineering 200 and above
11. Eng. Electrical Engineering 190 and above
12. Eng. Mechanical Engineering 150 and above
13. Sc (Hons) Biochemistry 190 and above
14. Sc (Hons) Biology 150 and above
15. Sc (Hons) Chemistry 150 and above
16. Sc (Hons) Microbiology 200 and above
17. Sc (Hons) Physics 150 and above
18. Sc Ed. Agricultural Science 150 and above
19. Sc Ed. Biology 150 and above
20. Sc Ed. Chemistry 150 and above
21. Sc Ed. Geography 150 and above
22. Sc Ed. Mathematics 150 and above
23. Sc Ed. Physics 150 and above

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Kust Post UTME Admission

Session: 2017/2018

Status: Active

Form: Closed

Form price: N2500

Closing date: Friday, 29th September 2017

Jamb cut-off mark: 150 to 200

Eligibility: First choice candidates only

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