About Us

Each year, thousands of university aspirants miss their entrance exam or fall victim to fraudsters in Nigeria as a result of lack of appropriate information.

Though the information they’re looking for is available on the internet, it’s not properly organised in such a way that novices can find them. And fraudsters take advantage of this, posting that a school’s application form is out when it’s not and defraud many.

Netsob aims to solve this problem by organizing these admission information and making it easily accessible. To do this, we provide users with tons of news updates, articles and tips and a sophisticated search experience to help them find exactly what they’re looking for.

And best of all, users can subscribe to the news they're interested in and receive text messages of news relating to it as they become available. This not only saves them the time and effort of always checking online to see if the news is out, but also keeps them informed so they don't missout on any urgent, unexpected information.